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Mega Remodel Update in Pictures!

I have had a couple people request that I post a bunch of remodel pictures on the Blog……. Here you go!

You may notice that we have different groups of people working. We have a painting, framing, and rock group (not the music kind) working hard in different areas of the building. It makes for a busy place, but it will help get it done faster!

You can see that some of the halls already have their final paint colors, while others are completely white because they have been primed and are ready for painting. You can also see the beautiful wood framing around the windows and doorways

We have found out some “important” information. This was were the old style fire hoses once were. They have been taken out, and are being covered with regular walling.


You can read all about our fireplace in it’s own Blog post. He said he knows Mary Poppins! 😉  11535880_964149680283089_8711916348229664593_n

We have a new gas fireplace insert for REAL fires!


The Private Dining Room has had all it’s wallpaper removed and has received some beautiful woodwork, it’s all ready for primer and paint now!                                                                             11027979_965217916842932_3928831955576538516_n10277587_965217933509597_7186788386328984909_n

The main halls are primed, and painting has started on the West Wing. You can see it’s progress in the top picture.


The outside is getting a make over as well! You may have noticed that most of the Front has been completed in it’s new color!

11110465_965218833509507_1681891301111846686_n  10438339_949045271793530_3461129996510324613_n

The beautiful stone work is almost completed! It looks amazing!





Our Landscaping will be going on all through July!

If you don’t mind the dust, come on over and see it in progress.

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